Summer Survival Guide: Keeping Squirrels at Bay in The Woodlands, TX, During Peak Activity Months

Squirrels are a common sight in most places, scampering up trees and darting across parks. While they might seem harmless and even cute, they can become a significant problem when they decide to make human settlements in their homes. In the Woodlands, TX, the most common types of squirrels you might encounter are the Eastern Grey squirrel, the Eastern Fox squirrel, and the Southern flying squirrel. These agile rodents can cause a variety of issues if they nest in your home.

Signs You May Have a Squirrel Problem

Squirrels are adept climbers and chewers, making it easy for them to gain access to your house. They can chew through vents, pry aside siding, and even climb down chimneys to nest in attics, walls, and other secluded areas. Once inside, they can cause extensive damage as they build their nests and look for food.

Having squirrels in your home can pose numerous dangers. Their urine and feces can contaminate insulation and spread disease. Squirrels also chew on electrical wires, posing a fire hazard, and can cause significant insulation damage. Their presence can lead to unpleasant odors and further attract other wildlife into your home.

DIY Steps You Can Take

Homeowners can take several DIY measures to control and discourage squirrels from entering their homes. Start by sealing off potential entry points, such as gaps in the roof, vents, and chimneys. Eliminating nearby food sources like bird feeders, pet food, and unsecured trash cans can also help. Keeping trees trimmed back from the house can make it harder for squirrels to jump onto your roof. These proactive steps can reduce the likelihood of a squirrel invasion.

Know Your Local Laws

A young gray squirrel is captured in a live cage

Local laws and regulations in Harris County may prohibit the handling and removal of local wildlife, including squirrels. If you are not familiar with these laws, it is much safer to work with a local wildlife control company like Woodlands Wildlife Elimination. These professionals are knowledgeable about the legalities and proper methods for removing animals.

Woodlands Wildlife Elimination offers comprehensive services in the Woodlands, TX, to safely and humanely identify, trap, and remove squirrels from your home. Beyond removal, they provide services such as animal damage repair, odor removal, decontamination, and attic restoration. Working with professional wildlife control services ensures that the problem is handled effectively and safely, helping you get your life back on track without the stress and dangers of a squirrel infestation. They offer comprehensive wildlife control services to ensure your home is safe and secure from wild animals.