Comprehensive Guide to Armadillo Removal in Texas

Understanding the Armadillo in Texas’ Wildlife Ecosystem

The armadillo, particularly the nine-banded armadillo, is a unique and fascinating creature that plays a significant role in the Texas wildlife ecosystem. Known for their armored shells and burrowing habits, these nocturnal mammals are expert diggers, which help aerate the soil and control insect populations. Armadillos are integral to the biodiversity of Texas, as they contribute to the ecological balance by consuming various insects, grubs, and other invertebrates. Their presence indicates a healthy environment, but their interaction with human habitats can sometimes lead to conflicts.

Armadillos versus Homeowners

picture of a Texas armadillo for this guide to armadillo removal.

Despite their ecological benefits, armadillos can pose significant problems for homeowners. Their burrowing activities can damage lawns, gardens, and even the structural integrity of buildings. Armadillos dig for food and create extensive burrow systems, which can undermine foundations, disrupt irrigation systems, and cause other landscaping issues. Additionally, their foraging habits can result in unsightly holes and uprooted plants, leading to frustration and costly repairs for property owners. The armadillo’s nocturnal nature means that damage often goes unnoticed until it becomes extensive.

Nesting and Foraging Preferences

Armadillos typically seek out areas that provide ample food sources and suitable conditions for burrowing. They are attracted to soft, moist soil that is easy to dig holes in, making gardens and well-irrigated lawns prime targets. Additionally, armadillos favor areas with abundant insect populations, such as ants, termites, and beetles, which are essential to their diet. They also look for sheltered spots, such as under decks, patios, and sheds, where they can create their burrows and nests. Understanding these preferences can help homeowners identify potential hotspots and take preventive measures.

Preventing Armadillo Infestations

Armadillo coming out of the ground. It is important to use professionals for armadillo removal.

Prevention is key to avoiding the problems caused by armadillos. Homeowners can implement several strategies to make their properties less attractive to these burrowing animals. One effective method is to maintain a dry yard by fixing any water leaks and ensuring proper drainage to reduce soil moisture. Installing sturdy fences that extend at least 12-18 inches underground can help prevent armadillos from burrowing into the yard. Removing potential food sources, such as insects and grubs, through appropriate pest control measures is also crucial. Additionally, securing potential shelter sites by sealing off entry points under decks, patios, and sheds can deter armadillos from nesting and causing damage near homes.

Professional Armadillo Removal

When prevention methods fail, and an armadillo infestation occurs, it is essential to seek professional assistance for safe and effective removal. Armadillo trapping can be challenging due to their burrowing abilities and strong claws. Professional wildlife removal services have the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to humanely and efficiently trap and remove armadillos from residential areas. They can also provide long-term solutions to prevent future infestations and problems, ensuring the safety and integrity of the property. Attempting to handle an armadillo infestation without professional help can lead to incomplete removal and potential harm to the animals or the homeowner.

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