Effective Bird Control

While they may seem innocent, getting a bird into your home can be a bad experience. Birds make large messes, have the ability to spread deadly diseases to you and your family, and can even cause damage to your home. We also provide bird control and bird removal services for solar systems and solar panels, please see our service page for Bird Control for Solar Systems. Keep reading to learn more about birds and how you can get them out of your home.

What attracts birds to a property?

Similar to many other nuisance animals, birds have different criteria they use to pick an area to inhabit. Most importantly, they focus on access to food. Being able to find easy food sources in your yard can be one of the main reasons birds come to your property. Some birds may be attracted to different plants you may have, as each bird has a different appetite. Similarly, if your yard is home to many insects, birds may be more apt to live there. If you have bird feeders, unsecured pet food, or unsecured trash, it is even more likely birds may live in your yard.

Beyond their need for food, birds always keep their eye out for yards that offer good sources of shelter. Bird shelters can take on many different forms. Large trees, thick shrubbery, or even a nice spot on your roof or window ledge can serve as the perfect shelter for birds. While these are great places for birds to shelter, they will be even more sure to live on your property if they can find a way into your home, garage, or other building.

What problems do birds cause?

Birds are a very serious nuisance animal to have in your home, as they can cause damage as well as spread dangerous diseases. Birds carry all kinds of diseases that can be very harmful, and potentially fatal to humans. Among the worst of these infections are encephalitis, salmonella, and leptospirosis, though there are dozens more. Some of the worst diseases birds carry are viral infections that cannot be treated. Since birds spread their diseases mainly through their droppings, this poses some problems. The major problem is that many humans will never know if they came into contact with bird droppings and then they may touch their nose, lips, or eyes without knowing. Another problem with diseases being spread through droppings is that sometimes these bacteria and viruses can linger for weeks after the bird droppings appear to be gone.

Beyond their disease-spreading potential, birds are also very good at causing messes and damage to your property. The large messes birds cause come from their feathers getting all over, leaving their droppings everywhere, and leaving nesting material all over the place. The property damage they cause has the potential to be very serious. Bird droppings cause the metal to corrode and become weak, potentially causing structural failures. Bird nests are often located near HVAC components, potentially causing a fire with flammable nesting materials. For these reasons, birds should be removed as soon as possible, as the illness and damage they cause can compound the longer they are present.

Taking Action

How should birds be removed?

Bird removal is a very difficult task for most homeowners, as birds present some complications. Many times, a mother bird will have her young in your home, which means that even if you remove the mother, you may not be able to find the babies. This can lead to them dying and causing awful odors in your home. In addition, sometimes birds decide to live in crazy places in your home, such as inside walls or in your chimney. Beyond these problems, the removal of birds can potentially expose you, your family, and your pets to their illnesses. For these reasons, it is recommended to have a professional wildlife removal company remove birds for you.

Why hire Woodlands Wildlife Elimination?

Here at Woodlands Wildlife Elimination, we are proud to provide excellent bird control services for our clients. Our experts have years of experience in dealing with bird removal in all kinds of situations. In addition to our animal removal services, we also offer animal exclusionanimal damage repairattic restorationsanitation,andodor removal services. If you have a bird problem and live in Houston or the surrounding areas, be sure to give us a call today!