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At Woodlands Wildlife Elimination, we have been providing full-service nuisance animal solutions, including animal removal services, animal exclusion, damage repair, attic restoration, decontamination, and odor removal services for years. We provide our services to clients living in Houston and the surrounding areas, focusing on giving our clients exactly what they need. Our experts have spent years gaining experience in knowledge for every type of situation they may encounter. If you have any concerns about nuisance animals on your property, give us a call at Woodlands Wildlife Elimination as soon as possible!

Here at Woodlands Wildlife Elimination, we are happy to provide nuisance wildlife services to clients located in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our experts are licensed, experienced, and ready to help you through the wildlife removal process with expertise and compassion. If you are having a nuisance animal problem of any kind, be sure to give us a call here at Woodlands Wildlife Elimination today!

Squirrels, rats, and mice cause some of the worst problems of any nuisance animal species. These critters can spread dozens of potentially deadly diseases to humans and pets, as well as tear up your home. Hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and salmonella are just a few of the dangerous diseases carried by rodents. When it comes to damage, rodents tear up insulation in attics and walls, creating nests for their young. They also repopulate quickly, creating even more destruction. Chewing through drywall, lumber, wiring, and other materials causes serious damage that can be very costly to repair. Give us a call today at Woodlands Wildlife Elimination to stop the infestation quickly!

Getting a raccoon in your home presents some unique problems. Raccoons love to tear things up and can also spread diseases. Raccoon roundworm and rabies are two of the biggest threats to raccoons when it comes to disease. Their destructive tendencies lead them to chew through building materials, tear up insulation, and allow more nuisance animals into your home. In addition, many times raccoons will have their young in your attic, which creates an even bigger set of problems. Give us a call at Woodlands Wildlife Elimination to get rid of your raccoon problem!

Birds and bats create some of the same issues, and they are both hard to get rid of. Bats and birds are able to spread dozens of diseases at any given time, generally through their droppings. Beyond the health issues, these winged creatures will also cause damage through their droppings. Bat and bird droppings cause rapid corrosion of metals, potentially leading to a structural failure, which can be very expensive to fix. In addition, both animals leave droppings, feathers, and other nasty stains and odors all over insulation and other surfaces. Finally, birds often create nests right next to HVAC components. This can potentially lead to a risk of a fire because of the highly flammable nest-building materials. If you have bats or birds, contact us today at Woodlands Wildlife Elimination!

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